Working With Us

We want the responsibility of being a productive resource for you and your practice.

Working With Us - OrthoViseWe believe in working with you closely to establish a maximum price for our service at the outset of our business relationship. This puts the initiative on our staff to be efficient and effective for you as we address your needs. No surprises!

Initial Assessment

Our service begins with you via an initial teleconference assessment with representatives of your practice to determine the scope of work and your practice’s greatest needs. This initial discussion and assessment is provided at no cost. Following the completion of the initial assessment, a contract for services will be developed and negotiated based upon the needs of the client.

Site Visit and Recommendations

Following the initial teleconference assessment, the OrthoVise team will make a site visit to conduct stakeholder interviews and perform a thorough observation and evaluation. Once we have completed the on-site assessment of your current situation and market opportunities, we design a customized plan to prioritize strategies designed to:

  • Harness the power of Innovation
  • Improve your operational performance
  • Optimize your staffing structure
  • Differentiate your practice from competitors
  • Optimize your EMR from an operational and IT perspective
  • Improve the overall patient experience
  • Enhance your financial margin
  • Make specific improvements that are unique to your practice

Initial recommendations will be provided at the end of the visit and a formal report will be delivered within four weeks.

Long-Term Satisfaction

OrthoVise has a primary goal of securing your long-term satisfaction and we consider our communication with you of paramount importance. When you contract OrthoVise, you become a member of our network. We will continue to provide off-site recommendations to you via teleconference and e-mail for one year after your contract is signed.

Future interactions will be offered at a discount from standard fee, given that we will have a comprehensive knowledge of your practice and its environment.

Hourly and Remote Contracting

Although we prefer to work with you at a designated pre-determined rate, if you do desire to contract our services hourly, we are happy to discuss this with you if you have specific needs related to the development of your practice or desire review and assistance on policy, procedures, contracts, or other unique situations.