Return On Investment (ROI)

What is the average value of adding one new unique patient to your practice?

Return On InvestmentStudies have placed the overall average downstream value of a new patient to an orthopedic practice between $1500.00 and $2000.00. Your return on investment can be very high if you optimize operations within your orthopedic practice. This is true regardless of whether you are in a private practice or hospital system. Orthopedics is a high volume and high margin specialty that is simply critical to optimize. The more patients you effectively take care of, the more positive you are financially. This is even more essential in certain sub-specialties of orthopedics. Simply making changes that allow you to add additional volume is critical, but adding the right type of volume to the templates of the right physicians is just as important.

Your practice has many opportunities that can allow it to add extra new unique patients. We help you identify the most important changes and the process adjustments your practice should consider.

We know that financial ROI is nearly always the first form of ROI that is considered by an orthopedic practice, but ROI to OrthoVise is about much more. Physician happiness and patient centered service delivery are two additional essential considerations in all of our recommendations. We take a 360 degree approach when developing recommendations that allow you maximize margin, access, volume, and physician satisfaction while minimizing your costs for implementation.