Publications And References

Contributions made by Orthovise to current publications.

Physician Satisfaction with Residency-Trained Athletic Trainers as Physician Extenders
PDF: 2014 Athletic Therapy Today

Synopsis: Physician Extender Residency Programs prepare athletic trainers to work in orthopedic or other subspecialty clinics. Based on the skillset and training, this role has become increasingly popular among physicians, who understand what athletic trainers can bring to their practice. But, is there a difference in a physician extender who has one year intensive formal training? This article explores the differences.

The Financial Impact of an Athletic Trainer Working as a Physician Extender in Orthopedic Practice
PDF: 2014 Journal of Medical Practice Management

Synopsis: Published in the Journal of Medical Practice Management in February, 2014, this article highlights several institutions and the financial impact that athletic trainers have on these orthopedic practices.

Certified Athletic Trainers: An Evaluation of Their Effect on Patient Throughput and Revenue Generation

Synopsis: This study, which Forrest Pecha contributed to, shows that the introduction of athletic trainers as clinical support staff in the Emory Sports Medicine Clinic markedly improves billings, collections and the number of patients seen.

Athletic Training Fellowship Programs

Synopsis: Forrest Pecha discusses the ins and outs of the Emory Sports Medicine Athletic Training Fellowship which he designed and developed.

Doctors’ Orders

Synopsis: In this article published in Training and Conditioning, Joe Greene talks about the benefits of using athletic trainers as physician extenders.

Athletic Trainers in an Orthopedic Practice

Synopsis: In Athletic Therapy Today, Joe Greene examines the impact that athletic trainers have on clinic volume and flow at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.