Practice Administration

To understand how to utilize this individual and define what a ‘practice manager’ is, you must first decide what you need to help make your institution run efficiently, and what type of culture your practice will reflect.

The Practice Administrator is typically responsible for the operational leadership, strategic direction and administration of all operations for a practice. We, at OrthoVise, understand the demands placed on these individuals, and can help prepare your practice for strategic leadership development.  It is critical that Practice Administrators continue to engage in efficient, integrated, and revenue-generating philosophies while keeping patient experiences at the forefront of the mission.

 OrthoVise advisors can help develop programmatic strategies to enhance operational effectiveness, emphasizing cost containment without sacrificing efficiency, patient satisfaction, innovation or quality of care. By monitoring key performance metrics, we can help Practice Administrators ensure that the practice processes are maximizing patient throughput. By utilizing some of our affiliates, we can also aid in the training of reviewing a practice’s profitability and continual monitoring of productivity and operational performance. Meanwhile, we help Practice

OrthoVise works with Practice Administrators to develop skills in strategic development, business development, recruitment and helps them prioritize the critical pieces of their current climate and culture that can affect the practice performance globally.


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