OrthoVise Affiliates

Relationships are the catalyst for success.

At OrthoVise, we believe it is critical for us to continue to build and grow relationships with other orthopedic entities. We believe in making important connections and building mutually beneficial relationships in order to expand our ability to help our clients.

The affiliates of OrthoVise are carefully chosen business entities that we believe provide the absolute best products, services, and solutions for your specific needs. Whether your practice is in need of business development assistance, healthcare information technology optimization, staffing and workflow optimization, or most any other need, we can recommend the absolute best people to you based upon what we learn about your practice.

Here are some of our business partners that we work closely with to deliver the absolute best services to our clients. They truly help us stay the forefront of innovation and state of the art developments in the world of orthopedics.

Partnerships and Connections


Synergy Surgicalists

Synergy Surgicalists is a surgeon/physician run organization with the goal to provide the highest quality orthopedic and general surgery care in the acute setting, and provide exceptional value to our hospital and physician partners. They are a nationwide company who will contract with hospitals anywhere in the United States. Synergy provides surgeons to hospitals, health systems, and physician practices when any number of factors contribute to a shortage of providers.



Today, Emdat provides medical facilities and documentation service providers with flexible, seamless and cost efficient solutions for fully creating and managing medical documentation. It allows medical documentation to be effortless and instantly collected, moved and stored to all members of a facility’s team. In short, Emdat provides customers with choice, control and 24-hour access.

As the world’s leading documentation solution serving more than 2,600 medical facilities throughout the United States and a network of over 250 documentation service companies from around the globe, Emdat is committed to its founding vision and promise.



With over 25 years experience, Cross Current has become the experts at connecting the dots across many healthcare organizations. By applying our proven collection and connection techniques, we design simple, easy to use business intelligence modules that combine related data from disparate systems, so you can seize opportunities that you did not have before. Eliminate the time and errors associated with gathering and collection, improve visibility, and enable prospective management techniques. Gain a competitive edge by replacing what was intuition, with facts.

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