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  • The Doctor’s Team Will See You Now - The Wall Street Journal Article : The Doctor’s Team Will See You Now – February, 2014 Doctor shortages are driving medical practices to adopt a team based approach to care. It’s the new buzz of many practices – both public and private. With reform in healthcare and a driving need to care for more people, this model [...]
  • New York Times Article : A Busy Doctor’s Hand, Ever Ready to Type - NY Times, January 13, 2014 A Busy Doctors Hand, Ever Ready to Type A really good article on one way to keep your physicians doing what they should be doing … Taking care of patients and spending time talking to them. Whether you use a formal scribe or an allied healthcare provider to unload your [...]
  • EHR Implementation and Revenue Loss - If you are like me, I found that EHR Implementation May Lead to Revenue Loss in Health Affairs, March, 2013 confirmed the obvious in many respects to those of us that have been through an EHR implementation in an orthopedic practice. Beyond volume and revenue loss, physician satisfaction and happiness are also impacted negatively in [...]
  • Mid-Level Adoption in Orthopedics - Patients Warm to Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Forbes, June, 2013 At OrthoVise, we believe that the effective utilization of physician extenders in critical in this modern healthcare environment we must deliver care in. What are some new and unique ways that your practice is using mid-level providers and other allied health providers to  improve [...]