Getting Analytical in Orthopedics

Getting Analytical

Healthcare Informatics, February, 2012

Brian Bizub of OrthoVise on Analytic Utilization in Orthopedics

_MG_8945_T_BIZUBThe use of big data and “skinny” analytic data to drive improved patient care, business intelligence, compliance, operations, and reimbursement is critical to the modern orthopedic practice. Whether you use a home grown in-house analytic solution or a customized solution, high volume and high margin orthopedic practices need to maximize their understanding of what is truly happening as they deliver care. If physicians and administrators do not, patient care, financial performance, and even your compliance with government regulations may be misunderstood or affected in a negative way.

We would really enjoy hearing your thoughts on how your use of analytics in orthopedics is changing? What are your most critical reports that you depend upon to run your practice?


About the Author:

In addition to his role as a consultant for OrthoVise, Brian has been the CEO for a 17 physician practice since 2008. Palm Beach Orthopaedic Institute has four locations throughout Palm Beach County and is just one of the positions Brian has held where he was influential in growing the practice by adding locations as well as recruiting physicians. Brian has 20+ years of experience in various levels of hospital administration along the eastern coast where he has been instrumental in the implementation of programs to increase employee and patient satisfaction scores. He has also been recognized as an expert in OR efficiency, Productivity, and Health Care Advisement by Tenet Healthsystems and AHCS. Brian attended West Virginia University and University of Phoenix where he holds degrees in business administration and healthcare administration and is currently a mentor for the Florida State MBA program. In addition to presenting at various meetings across the country, he has also participated in several case-studies promoting technological advances in healthcare. Brian serves as an executive board advisor for companies including DJO Global and Automated Health Care Systems and communicates daily with companies across the country and internationally on various issues related to business operations and strategic planning.

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